“All Abilities player Jayden Tones makes a memorable debut for Cranbourne” – Cranbourne Leader Article 23/2/16


The Cranbourne D Grade team’s rough season continued when it was defeated by Dingley on Saturday, leaving the Eagles winless.

But among the doom and gloom there was a glowing positive at Camms Reserve.

All Abilities player Jayden Tones claimed his first wicket for the club with his very first delivery.

And Tones, 30, credits Turf 6 skipper Dean Brown for assisting with his cricketing development.

“I’ve only just started learning how to bowl and have had help from Dean Brown, who has come down to help with the All Abilities on a regular basis,” Tones said.

Though delighted to register his maiden Eagles wicket, Tones admits the ball was a bit of a loosener.

“I bowled a half-tracker that the batsman tried to hit out of the park, but instead managed to get on the toe of the bat straight to Gary Singh in the outfield,” he said.

Tones was embraced by skipper James Lesch and although Cranbourne’s Turf 1 side was doing battle at Casey Fields, Tones believes it may have heard some noise from the post-wicket party across town.

“It was a great celebration, both me and James Lesch cheered that loud that I’m sure the Turf 1 boys heard it,” Tones said.

Though he started with a wicket, he could not repeat the dose, eventually completing a 14-ball over.

“It went downhill very fast,” Tones said.

After breaking through for his debut scalp, Tones expressed his pleasure at playing at Cranbourne.

“I have been with the club since 2013 and can’t think of a better club to be a part of because of how close everyone is and how supportive the whole club has been,” he said.


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