Blanked Out Thief Found Guilty – Danielle Miller Exercise

East Lonsdale woman Danielle Miller was yesterday found guilty of theft by the Lonsdale Magistrates’ Court but claims she did not know how the robbery occurred.

Miller was found guilty of stealing $7.95 worth of goods, namely packets of cheese and bacon, from Greener’s Supermarket on May 3rd.

Store detective Jamil Rao said he had seen Miller placing the articles in her handbag and departing the checkout without paying for the items.

“She made no attempt to pay for the articles in her handbag,” Rao said.

Rao stated that Miller initially said she had bought the items elsewhere but then claimed she was unaware how they ended up in her possession.

“She could offer no explanation of how the goods came to be in her handbag,” he said.

Miller revealed to the court that she suffered from “flash migraines” which she believed could have been the cause of her actions.

“Quite often there are flashes of light and spots before my eyes. It becomes difficult to see. I also feel dizzy,” Miller said.

“I must have closed it without realising the goods were inside it,” she said.

Miller told the Magistrate that she did not believe it necessary to explain her condition to the store manager or police at the time of questioning.

The Magistrate convicted Miller and fined her $400.

“I find I must impose a heavy penalty to protect the public and to deter further offences of this type,” he said.


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