Kingsberry Man Denied Bail After Being Charged With Assault – Court Report #2

A Kingsberry man charged with assault has been refused bail by the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court.

The man is alleged to have had an altercation with a woman identified as his ex-girlfriend at his residence on 19th September whilst out on bail for a prior offence in May.

The woman arrived to collect some belongings and remained at the house to sleep before driving home.

Upon awakening, the woman and defendant are said to have engaged in a heated conversation, at which point the victim tried to leave but was blocked.

The accused is then alleged to have restrained the woman with duct tape before forcing her into a bathtub and striking her with a plank of wood.

Threats to the woman are thought to have been made implying that the man was planning to burn the house down.

The victim managed to escape the property, reporting the incident to police before the man was arrested.

After inspecting the scene, police located duct tape with hair attached and scattered burnt items.

The defence made their appeal for bail on the basis that the defendant would be monitored at his Aunt’s home and offered stable employment.

But Magistrate Daniel John dismissed the appeal, citing the risk of further crime being committed as the basis of his decision.

“These are very serious offences,” John said.

The accused will remain in custody and is due to appear back in court early in 2016.


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