Dual Offender Sentenced to Three Months for Theft – Court Report #1

A Melbourne man has been sentenced to three months imprisonment after being found guilty of two counts of theft in Melbourne’s CBD in February and June this year.

Robert Arnott, 46, entered a National Australia Bank branch on Swanston Street in the CBD on February 2nd to file a complaint. Arnott was taken to the manager’s office to discuss his issue privately.

The bank’s manager left momentarily to attend to a customer, at which point Arnott stole a wallet and iPhone from the desk before exiting the store.

The theft was captured on CCTV and employees immediately recognised Arnott when he revisited the same establishment. Police were called and Arnott was arrested on the scene but granted bail.

Whilst on bail, Arnott committed a second robbery in the CBD, in a Degraves Street cafe on 29th June.

Arnott was found to have taken $100 note from a bill plate on the counter at the cafe. Arnott attempted to escape through Flinders Street Railway Station, but the cafe’s manager alerted Protective Service Officers who detained Arnott before he was arrested.

Arnott pleaded guilty to the charges, with his lawyer citing ongoing mental health issues as a factor in Arnott’s actions.

But Magistrate Daniel John, though acknowledging Arnott’s predicament, adjudged that a term of imprisonment would be the best outcome for the state and for Arnott.

“The fact is that you are a serial thief, an opportunistic thief. And an example must be made if you are to have an prospect of rehabilitation,” John said.

Having been in custody for 41 days prior to the verdict, Arnott’s three month sentence has been partially served, with Arnott due to be released within the next seven weeks.


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