Alter Egos – Pitch

My photojournalism documentary “Alter Egos” will capture the art that exists in cosplay. Cosplay is defined as “a type of performance art whose participants outfit themselves, with often-elaborate costumes and accessories, as a specific character” (Cosplay House). Through my images I aim to outline three key ideas: the skill required to create the costumes needed to play characters, adopting the persona of the character created, and the thrill one gets from taking on an alternate persona. My story centres around a friend who crafts her own costumes and plays characters in the costumes she creates. As she participates in all aspects of cosplay in both crafting costumes and playing characters I will be able to capture the entirety of the art form; the labour done in the beginning through to the elaborate finish. Cosplayers take great pride in their work and research their projects thoroughly. Powell (2013) states that “the more angles I can get of the character, the better off I am for my fabric decisions and overall construction” .

My working plan revolves around presenting my subject as a regular person who progresses on to becoming a series of intricate characters. My opening shot will feature the subject holding a series of images of characters she has created and played. This will present her in her two forms, her everyday self and her multiple alter egos. In the environmental, action and detailed shots that will follow, I aim to capture her craft skills, the construction process, the various personas she can create and how they can help her adapt to different environments, and the satisfaction she gains from accomplishing her cosplay goals. I expect to provide an insight into a less publicised art form and highlight how cosplayers can transform themselves through their creation of an appearance and presentation of a character.


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