Fatal Bus Collision Leaves Smalltown Grieving

Four people, including three school children were killed when a bus carrying school children and a national coach service charter collided at 4 o’clock yesterday.

The school bus was returning from a farm excursion when it crashed with the national coach service en route to Melbourne from Sydney.

20 people have been injured and five left in a critical condition. Mr Joe Dodgy, currently hospitalised in a critical condition, was driving one of the buses involved.

Police believe Mr Dodgy may be to blame for the incident. Smalltown local Mr Gerard Hardwind witnessed the accident which he described as “a huge bang like a bomb going off”.

Mr Hardwind raised concerns about the safety of the intersection at which the fatalities occurred, saying that the “locals have been kicking up for years” about it.

Mr Hardwind commented that the victims “looked like rag dolls that had been thrown around … one of the kids had been thrown clean, and I held her hand until the ambulances arrived”.

Headmistress of the Smalltown school Mrs Caroline Primm said the accident had a “devasting effect” on the school community.


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